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Hello, My name is Alicia Jenkins and I am the proud owner and creator of Rock Me Fabulous Natural Hair Care Products. My passion for hair started way back when I was just a little girl and has continued to carry me throughout my adult years. Everything about natural hair excites and motivates me, because the creativity is just so endless. And because of that excitement and motivation,  Rock Me Fabulous was created. I became committed to providing products that are specialized for all my beautiful Queen and Kings that want to rock their natural locs and look good. My personal experiences with my own natural hair care journey as well as the journey of my two daughters inspired my research and product creation in the beauty industry.

Through my own personal experiences, I have studied and researched natural hair care for 18 years . Within those 18 years, I've documented my personal natural hair care journey that created "Creating A Hair Journey Planner" book to help give general guidelines to those that are going through the same process. I attend the Glass Cuts Beauty Academy in Columbus, OH where I studied to become a licensed Cosmetologist to continue furthering my education in the ever changing beauty industry. 







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