Alicia and Tyisha met each other professionally in 2014 in the Accounting department of LBrands. Tyisha was Alicia's supervisor and mentor at the time.  As they begin to develop a professional relationship, they quickly realize they had a bond that went beyond work. They became family. Tyisha learned all about Alicia's love for hair and Alicia learned all about Tyisha's 10+ years of business owning savviness. Through school, marriage and babies they stuck by each other side and watch each other grow as they embarked on several different life journeys. They developed a way that only sisters can to motivate and push each other to accomplish their goals and dreams. Many times that involved Tyisha being the guinea pig to Alicia's many hair styles and creations. As their bond as sisters grew, they quickly discovered that becoming business partners was a match made in heaven.  With Alicia's 20 years of hair experience in growing her own and others and Tyisha's years of experience of running a successful business of her own, they knew they could make magic joining forces.  These two are full of passion and hustle.  Thus, committing themselves to making Rock Me Fabulous the best it can be was a no brainer.  They are committed to providing their clients the highest quality of  service and product, because this company is personal. It in bodies who they are and where they are trying to go.  They both know God has called them to do something great and they will love to share that greatness with all of you through Rock Me Fabulous! So from the both of them THANK YOU for all of your love, support and embarking on this journey with them!!

About RMF

Rock Me Fabulous: The Hair Bundle Boxes & Healthy Hair Care Services is your one stop shop for all of your hair care needs from bundles to healthy scalp and hair care services.

Our focus is to offer our clients a variety of avenues to maintain natural healthy hair and more importantly, a healthy scalp.  Distinguishing from other hair extensions and products online which offer a multitude of hair extensions and products with no care, RMF will provide a detail, personable and intimate experience with our product selections and services to guarantee that we are serving our clients with the highest-quality of products and services as we guide them in obtaining and maintaining overall health from scalp to hair.

There are 3 phases to RMF that will guide you through your hair journey.

Rock Me Fabulous offers The RMF Educational Tools that provide consultation services, books, tutorials, and live/virtual classes to help clients that are seeking more of an intimate interaction to further gain knowledge and guidance on how to care for their natural hair.

RMF Hair Bundle Boxes. Our hair bundle boxes are an all-in-one experience containing all necessities to obtain protective styles with hair extensions. All extensions offered are 100% high quality virgin hair.  The benefit of protective styles for our client's natural hair is they allow the flexibility of variety of hairstyles without causing the stress and strain to their natural hair. The hair bundle boxes can be obtained by a one-time purchase or through a monthly/yearly subscription. The hair bundle boxes come in 3 different levels: Basic, Gold and VIP. The levels are based on your preference or need.

RMF Scalp Scrubs and Tonics. These products are specifically designed to promote healthy scalp care. They are 100% natural and preservative free and filled with wonderful natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, rosewater, essential oils and so much more to help promote a healthy scalp.  Our scalp scrubs and tonics can be used alone or in combination of each other to detoxify and clarify our client’s scalps. A healthy scalp is essential to healthy hair and growth. These products can be used as needed and are highly recommended to be used to help extend the benefits of protective styles.



Rock Me Fabulous’ mission is to set ourselves apart from other hair extensions and products online retail stores. Hair care is very intimate, and we want to be part of that intimate process with our clients. To provide that high-level of intimacy to our clients, we demonstrate our high-quality of care through our detailed and personable products and services. Making sure we are providing products and services that we will personally use and have the knowledge and experience to stand behind. Creating that intimate atmosphere for our clients, will guarantee that our client’s hair and hair care needs are our utmost priority.