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Because we are a very unique company that offers our clients a variety of avenues to maintain natural healthy hair and more importantly, a healthy scalp.  Distinguishing from other hair extensions and products online which offer a multitude of hair extensions and products with no care, RMF will provide a detail, personable and intimate experience with our product selections and services to guarantee that we are serving our clients with the highest-quality of products and services as we guide them in obtaining and maintaining overall health from scalp to hair.

RMF Scalp Scrubs & Hair Refreshers

100% Natural & Preservative Free


Need to detoxify your scalp and refresh hair between washes or while in protective styles?  Check out our RMF Scalp Scrubs & Hair Tonics. These products are specifically designed to promote healthy scalp care. They are 100% natural and preservative free and filled with wonderful natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, rosewater, essential oils and so much more to help promote a healthy scalp.  Our scalp scrubs and tonics can be used alone or in combination of each other to detoxify and clarify our client’s scalps. A healthy scalp is essential to healthy hair and growth. 

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